Tea and Cake Please

From the 11th to 17th May 2015, it’s ME Awareness Week. The objective of this annual occasion is to highlight the impact of ME throughout every corner of Great Britain. Many local and national events have been organised in order to spread this important awareness far and wide. Lots of people are getting involved, so why don’t you join them!

Hold a Tea for ME party for your family and friends. If ever there was an excuse needed to have a tea party for your family and friends, this is it. Sort out your invitations, your best tablecloth and get your nearest and dearest round to put the world to rights whilst raising some funds (and awareness) for a worthy cause.

If you’d rather donate the price of a cup of tea and a slice of cake and have a virtual tea party, why not do that instead? Organise your social media friends to meet up on your page and start a conversation. Donations can be given to the ME Association via Anna Jones and her annual Blue Tea Party https://www.justgiving.com/Anna-Jones26/

Get your walking boots dusted off and do a sponsored walk. It doesn’t matter how long (or short) your walk is, just get out there and get your sponsors signed up. A walk in the fresh air with a group of friends is fab for blowing the cobwebs away, and who knows, the sun might even throw in an appearance as well. Here’s a link to help you get your fundraising started http://www.meresearch.org.uk/news/walk-for-me-2015/

If you’re more inclined… have a sponsored run. If you’re a regular runner and have a group of running pals, then this is a fantastic opportunity to get out there and generate some funds. You could even persuade your local newspaper to run a piece on your fundraising efforts and do your bit to spread the awareness message.

Have a sponsored swim – remember, you don’t have to be Rebecca Adlington to be taken seriously, it’s all for a good cause. Grab a bunch of friends, decide which day you’re going to have your swim, set a target and start looking for sponsors.

Do something else like take a baked bean bath, organise a bake-off, have a crazy hair day or even shave your head! Whatever you decide on, make sure you find plenty of supporters to sponsor you. Get your social media friends involved too, take plenty of photos, and aim to go viral.

If you’d prefer to do something a little more subtle then buy yourself an ME wristband, a car sticker or a pin badge. You can purchase these from the Action for ME website http://www.actionforme.org.uk/get-involved/shop-online

It doesn’t matter how you get involved – it’s the taking part, raising awareness and generating funds to plough back into ME research that really matters. 

You can share your ME Awareness activity or event on my Facebook page, and here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/M.E.learnandconnect

Don’t forget to let me know what you do, how you get on, and to share some of your photos! 


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